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Work Health and Safety (WHS) is vitally important in the building and construction industry.  Every worker has the right to work in a safe environment, and employers should ensure safety is their number one priority on site.

Safety Management Consulting is able to help with all your safety requirements in construction.



Creating a safe work environment is critical to the success of your business, and is one of the best ways to retain workers and maximize productivity.  Though it may cost to implement safe practices and install safety equipment, the effect of not taking action can be severe.

As a business owner, you have responsibilities regarding health and safety in your workplace.  You need to ensure that your business doesn't create health and safety problems for your workers (including contractors and volunteers), customers, or the public.

Knowing and understanding of the new work health and safety (WHS) laws will help you avoid unnecessary costs and damage to your business caused by workplace injury and illness.  It will also provide your business with a strong foundation to achieve long-term success.

  2. Does your business have a Safety Management Systems in place?  

  3. Do you have current policies and procedures that are tailored to your industry?  

  4. Have your workers been trained in their safety obligations?

  5. Have you reviewed your Safety Hazards and put in a Risk Management System?



It is often thought that an office environment is a very safe environment to work in.  However, there are many hazards which if left uncontrolled could cause injury and health problems.  It is important that employers provide a safe and healthy environment in office places.

In all jurisdictions in Australia, employers have an absolute duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their workers and visitors.  This duty means that these issues must be addressed.

Occupiers and controllers of workplaces also have duties of care to ensure the workplace is safe.

Does your office meet its safety requirements?  SMC can help you review and meet your safety obligations by conducting:

  • Audits, Inspections, and Workplace Assessment

  • Workstation Assessment

  • Training



Safety Legislation changed in 2011/2012.  If your strata title body corporate employs worker/s such as a caretaker, you must, so far as reasonably practicable ensure:


The strata title body corporate has the same duties under the work health and safety laws as any other person conducting a business or undertaking in relation to the premises, so:

Safety Management Consulting is able to help you put in a safety management system so that your strata title body corporate meets is safety legislative obligations.